Wednesday, March 25, 2009

it's a beautiful day

finally weather i can live with. it's getting warmer and the sun in shining. this is something i could not wait for, however i think finn wouldn't mind staying inside for the rest of his baby life. after spending his entire lifetime indoors without the sun beaming on his beautiful face, brightness and wind are not his friends. we're trying to break him of this and make him be a outdoorsy boy.

finn and brody in the back yard.

finn looks done with the walk at this point.

the mcdowell family picnic at happy hollow.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

mommy's little man

so my son is already growing facial hair at a fantastic rate...

we were at our nephew trenton's spy birthday party and there were these excellent fake mustaches. of course, i had to get baby finn in on the action. wasn't thinking about how it would feel to him to get it pulled off (he didn't like it), but it made for pretty cute pictures! happy birthday trenton. we love you!

baby finn!

ryan and alyse

the mcdowell family (josh was chuck from the buy more)

stan and josh skating

birthday boy trenton!

Monday, March 9, 2009

bad mom...

oops. i've been doing it wrong on occasion. sometimes, it's just easier to pick it. :)

baby boy...

so this lazy child who won't lift his head when on his stomach is now trying to sit up. obviously, his lack of strength and balance is keeping him from actually achieving this, which makes me so happy. now, i get to hold him up nearly all day long, because things are just too boring on his back or in his swing. he's crying right now; better go prop him up. thank you jesus for the bumbo.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

my day!

wow, i'm 25. 25!!! what? actually, i don't really feel that old. people have told me that this is a hard age to deal with. i still feel (and sometimes look) like a teenager, so there isn't really any sadness. the family came down to celebrate on friday, which was really fun! apparently we had a little too much fun, because the maƮtre d' kept giving us the stink eye to get us out. all fun though!

here's a couple pictures from the night.

Monday, March 2, 2009

sleeping in our house...

sleeping for me is almost a sport. i love it so much and can hardly survive an entire day without 9 good hours of sleep. i have become quite an expert at it, a trait which i have tried diligently to pass on to my two boys, finn and brody! however, they have not quite figured out the proper way to sleep (trust me, there is a proper way). this morning, josh and i woke up to the sight of catatonic dog, with his feet sticking straight up and his body contorted in a way that told me he did not have a good rest.

then there was the other little guy. poor finn can't quite figure out the best way to sleep. i fact i know, that he has outgrown the sleep positioner. this morning, we woke up to this sight. for those of you who don't know, his armpits are supposed to be above those wedges; it is not a head support. crazy boys!