Tuesday, May 15, 2012

number 12

a few months ago, i mentioned to betsy, my roommate from college, that it would be fun to run the indy mini-marathon together.  she surprisingly said yes quite quickly and we both signed up.  almost immediately after hitting "register", we both felt a pang of fear and "why did we think this was a good idea?"  regardless, we trained, suffered pains our non-runner selves weren't used to, and made it to the start line on may 5th.

our goal was to jog the whole thing and finish.  we did just that.  but the funny thing about both of us is that we are pretty competitive people.  not necessarily with each other, but just knowing that we could have do better.  betsy immediately was saying, "we could have easily shaved off twenty minutes of our time.  it was just too crowded!" and i felt the strong desire to get in a faster corral and beat my time (2:38:39) next year!  i have to admit that passing each person brought such joy on the track.  i know that i came in 18,303rd, but it felt good passing the person that came in 18,304th.  i'm pretty sure i was just beaming the entire time, looking like a fool thinking "i'm doing this!  i'm doing this!  holy crap!  i'm doing this".  instead of this being a "cross this off my life list" type of thing, i think it has turned into a lifelong competition with myself.   and i am even thinking of signing up for a marathon.  now that is just crazy!

oh, and number 12 was to run 30 miles in a week.  i ran:
sunday: 10.7
monday: 2.63
tuesday: 2.50
wednesday: 1.07
saturday: 13.1!

number 6

 a couple weeks ago, i donated my hair.  i know on the list of 30 before 30, it says to donate to locks of love, but that just wasn't happening.  i had signed up to cut my hair with my mops group, so there was a specific date that everyone would do it together.  i kept growing it out and letting it go since september, assuming that i would have beautiful long and lush hair and that locks of love would say, "wow, we've never been given this much amazing hair.  you win!" (i really like to make everything a contest). instead, it wouldn't grow and i missed the ten inch mark.  luckily, one of the other girls found pantene beautiful lengths, which only requires 8 inches, so off my hair went to someone who might be blessed by a beautiful wig.  what do you think?
by the way, i loved the curls that day, but have yet to replicate it.  however, i don't even have to dry or straighten it now, so i do love that part of this hairstyle.  it appeals to my laziness.