Sunday, May 31, 2009

mimicking my favorite mommy blog, i'm going to start posting photos of my neglected first child. poor little brody is fully aware he has dropped on the priority list.

after a long day of finn screaming (both in glee and anger), brody had enough. it was evident he was thinking, "shut him up." we all had a nice nap!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

peace and quiet

it's nearly 10:30. this is my child.

please do not think that because he is wearing his day clothes that this is just a nap. he is STILL in bed from last night, and he's wearing his day clothes because he was too tired to get changed into pajamas. all i can say is he learned from the best. if it weren't for motherhood, and breastfeeding in particular, i too would be sleeping sideways in the bed with my mouth hanging open!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

summertime and the livin's easy.

finn and i spent memorial day weekend at my parents house! finn was enjoying every second of love and gushing that his uncle josh, grandpa, and mim gave him. we went out on the boat a couple times and went to my cousin andy's son's 5th birthday (i guess that makes treyce and finn 3rd cousins?). as always, it was great to see everyone, especially on such a fantastic and beautiful and sunny day! i can't wait for this rain to pass and joy to beam down from the sky.

thanks mim for all the cute clothes too! finn can't wait to wear his jean jacket...wear it or suck on it, i can't tell the difference.

josh's new hairdo! love it!

finn's new hairdo. or more like hair-don't! :)

mim and finn on the water.

grace eating a taco on the jungle gym!

finn enjoying the sun and the waves.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

friday in the park

josh and i took finn to the park yesterday. he loved going down the slides and swinging. the park is right next to one of the houses that we are looking at...just walk out the back gate and there you are. i really hope that we end up close to this area; finn already is bored of staying in the house for longer than a couple hours. my crazy baby.

Monday, May 18, 2009

it's boy-see, stupid!

this past weekend, finn and i made the trip out to boise, idaho to visit my good friend betsy! finn was pretty good on the flights. on the way there, he only made one quick shout just to make sure that every one knew there was a baby on board. like they didn't know already; the look of dissatisfaction was burning through their angry glares. but, he was good.

while out there, i think we visited every restaurant the great city of boise had to offer. seriously, i'm still stuffed! but we got a lot of walking in also, so there was a balance, right? finn had a tough time pooping once we got there. what is it with constipation when travelling? most of the weekend, we got to hear a slight grunt every 10 seconds. fantastically cute, but saddening. after 3 days of pushing, we had two huge diapers on the way back, the 2nd during our final flight. got to love poop up the back while the fasten seatbelt signs are lit. oh well. good trip, lots of fun, glad to see betsy's fantastic house! bets, you should be a decorator. love you. thanks for letting us come out!

finn in the window of betsy's kitchen. his own little look-out.
me eating just-made mini-doughnuts. diet, what?
bets and finn in her living room.
finn on his very first flight!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


so apparently, this camera's flash causes baby finn to make funny faces. regardless if he is smiling or laughing or screaming, the anti-red-eye flash makes his features contort in adorable little ways. see examples...

i didn't get a chance to post about my first mother's day. baby finn got dedicated at church, and my family all came down to spend the afternoon at our house! baby macy was adorable with finn, although at one point, she tried to pull him out of her jumpy chair (we're borrowing it and she did not want to share). anyways, here's a couple images of the day...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

left brain conquers all.

so i have wanted to post pictures over the last couple weeks, but i just got this new camera. i'm still trying to figure out how to upload them from the camera to my computer. i shouldn't take a couple weeks, but alas, this is my reality. also, we are trying to sell our house. there is little time to do anything but tidy up and clean. this means that if something won't give us immediate satisfaction and make the most minute amount of a mess, we don't do it in this house. for example, eating. my right brain thinks, "chips and salsa sounds great with a big glass of milk...yummy." at the same time, my left brain is thinking, "chips and salsa equals a messy bowl, milk equals dirty glass, and there is a good chance you'll spill that all over yourself equaling laundry, carpet cleaning, spot removal from couch." needless to say, there has been no cooking in this kitchen!

i'll upload pictures of finn soon. i know that is all you really want to see anyways! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

just gross

this was in my house. no need to say more. disgusting!