Monday, May 18, 2009

it's boy-see, stupid!

this past weekend, finn and i made the trip out to boise, idaho to visit my good friend betsy! finn was pretty good on the flights. on the way there, he only made one quick shout just to make sure that every one knew there was a baby on board. like they didn't know already; the look of dissatisfaction was burning through their angry glares. but, he was good.

while out there, i think we visited every restaurant the great city of boise had to offer. seriously, i'm still stuffed! but we got a lot of walking in also, so there was a balance, right? finn had a tough time pooping once we got there. what is it with constipation when travelling? most of the weekend, we got to hear a slight grunt every 10 seconds. fantastically cute, but saddening. after 3 days of pushing, we had two huge diapers on the way back, the 2nd during our final flight. got to love poop up the back while the fasten seatbelt signs are lit. oh well. good trip, lots of fun, glad to see betsy's fantastic house! bets, you should be a decorator. love you. thanks for letting us come out!

finn in the window of betsy's kitchen. his own little look-out.
me eating just-made mini-doughnuts. diet, what?
bets and finn in her living room.
finn on his very first flight!


  1. Thanks for coming to visit! I loved having you guys here. Glad Finn finally pooped :) Love you!

  2. awh the poop on the plane. I remember that oh so well. : ) Macy decided to do the same on the way home from Florida. It was a nightmare trying to change her in the bathroom while she was screaming and wanting to stand and play. but we survived. Luckily I had extra clothes. : ) Glad to hear it went well. can't wait to hear the stories!