Wednesday, May 13, 2009

left brain conquers all.

so i have wanted to post pictures over the last couple weeks, but i just got this new camera. i'm still trying to figure out how to upload them from the camera to my computer. i shouldn't take a couple weeks, but alas, this is my reality. also, we are trying to sell our house. there is little time to do anything but tidy up and clean. this means that if something won't give us immediate satisfaction and make the most minute amount of a mess, we don't do it in this house. for example, eating. my right brain thinks, "chips and salsa sounds great with a big glass of milk...yummy." at the same time, my left brain is thinking, "chips and salsa equals a messy bowl, milk equals dirty glass, and there is a good chance you'll spill that all over yourself equaling laundry, carpet cleaning, spot removal from couch." needless to say, there has been no cooking in this kitchen!

i'll upload pictures of finn soon. i know that is all you really want to see anyways! :)

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