Wednesday, April 13, 2011

laughing at crying babies

i am finally getting around to putting ada's baby announcement in the plymouth newspaper for my mom. i know, i know. she's 3.5 months old and i'm just getting to it. clearly it was low on the priority list, behind, well, everything. but at last it's done. i did enjoy the last few minutes though of laughing hysterically at sweet ada's newborn session. she hated every minute of it, and all the "good" (read non-screaming) pictures were shot in the three seconds before she realized that she wasn't being held or sucking a boob. i cannot thank my brother-in-law ryan enough for being patient and getting whatever he could. can you tell i'm already dreading the 4 month pictures? i'm just going to continue to ignore the fact that we ought to be thinking of making an appointment with a photographer. so not looking forward to it.

Monday, April 11, 2011


i'm a serious crafter now. i even purchased a hot glue gun the other day. that means i'm really serious. i made some cute prize carrots (martha stewart's idea of course), which i'm going to hide along with the easter eggs. twisted inside each one is a little trinket or toy. i let finn unravel one early, which was a terrible idea, because i now have to keep them hidden in a high space so that he can't grab another.

a little time to myself

this morning, i woke up to a car alarm outside our open window. an alarm amplified in annoyance because of the time. it was 7am, about an hour earlier than i prefer to greet the morning, but today i decided to take advantage of that extra hour. i got up, drank a hot cup of coffee, pumped, then took brody on a run. the term "run" here is used very loosely in this instance, as it was more of a sequence of jog, heavily puffing walk, jog, barely moving limp, and so on for a half hour.

i thought that the energy it would take to get these last five pounds off my midsection would be more than i could bare, but i think i'm actually going to enjoy this process. a little time without crying or laundry or "mom, watch this!" followed by some stupid little gesture, which i do find quite adorable. a little time to spend with my first furry child that is often neglected and sometimes completely forgotten about. a little time to breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the newness of spring. a little time to remember not to hate my body, because this is the body that gave me two of the most amazing children. a little time to retrain that slightly flabby body to enjoy moving again. a little time to myself. it's a little bit of time i'll be happy to wake up early for.