Monday, February 27, 2012

photographer finn

since the camera is now out at all times to reinforce my documenting our fantastic little life, finn has taken to documenting his own fantastic little life. this is what is important to him.

week 8

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day 56- thanks finn

week 7

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ada's sweet shoppe and finn's garage

i happened to have both of my children in the same month. not only was it the same month, but that month also happens to correlate with the birth of our savior and the busiest time of year. i orginally felt bad that finn's birthday was only 13 days away from christmas, then ada had to go and best him by being only five days away. needless to say, the guilt of them having to share birthday parties which had to be squeezed into an already busy christmas season made me want to give them the best party possible. i think it went pretty well.

all finn wanted was a cars party. cars cars cars. he's pretty fanatical about cars 2 right now. it's a phase that has not faded away over the last 8 months. (sidenote: i am also fanatical about cars 2. for christmas, i got absurdly engrossed in finding characters that he didn't have yet and bought every single one i came into contact with. this obsession is why we are now sitting on about $200+ of cars 2 specific matchbox cars.) in order to offset the obscenely boyish theme, ada got to have a pink candy party. she really doesn't care much about anything beyond food and pooping her pants right now, so this was clearly more my choice than hers.

overall, i think both kids had fun and got more than any kid could hope for. later in life, i think they might be bummed about having their birthdays and christmas in one month, but for now i'll let go of the guilt. a week after their party, finn thought he was having a second, even bigger birthday party with all the christmas festivities and MORE presents. it was the birthday that just never ended and he was over the moon. happy birthday, kids! i love you more than words can say.

week 6

day 36- eating in front of the tv for the superbowl!
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