Friday, February 10, 2012

week 5

i feel the strong desire to confess.... i missed a day this week. i know. i know. i'm barely a full month into a twelve month project and i'm already forgetting to take one single picture of anything that crosses my path! there is no excuse when nearly half of my photos were taken on my iphone and i do not dare leave the house without my iphone. so what was i to do? well, coincidentally, there just happened to be another day where i was going back and forth between two photos, so i just slipped it into the empty day. i thought to myself, "no one will know." but then the guilt started to sink in and i knew there was a confession post coming. i won't tell you which day is the fake out, but will you still forgive me?

day 29
day 30
day 31
day 32
day 33
day 34
day 35

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