Wednesday, December 30, 2009

how to find enough time to play video games

since april 2008, i have been very worried about what i have been putting into my body and how it may affect my fetus/newborn/nursing baby/health. besides the minimal quantities of vicodin i used during my shoulder problem, i have limited myself to tylenol and the occasional stool softener. no matter what drug i research, it seems there are those who say it is the only thing to use while nursing or it just might kill your child and you boobs would fall off just by looking at it. so, in order to not kill my child and not feel guilty about putting my own well-being in front of my child, i have just restricted myself to not taking anything. which leads us to last night...

i had the worst sinus pressure, headache, painful sore throat, cough, snot bubbling out of my face. i figured i didn't have to deal with the 'is it okay-is it not okay' debate, so i would just take whatever i deemed necessary. i popped 2 sudafed around 6:30 and a vicodin (a leftover) around 10:30. about 45 minutes later, i was totally out and enjoying the best sleep of my life. come 3am and i was completely wide awake. like i just drank a red bull and went to starbucks then got unexpectedly punched in the face awake. i laid there completely still for a half hour and was still completely wide awake. so i grabbed my ds, which is conveniently located on my nightstand and played professor layton's for 2 and 1/2 hour. i know this, because professor layton tells you the amount of time you have spent playing the game when you save it. how nice of him to tell me that i have now wasted 5 hours and 24 minutes trying to figure out a game meant for ages 10 and up.

next time i will remember that i become a crackhead insomniac after taking over-the-counter medication combined with strong pain relievers. at least after all this, my head is clearer and my headache is completely wiped away.

Monday, December 28, 2009

number 3 and 25

a few weekends ago, just after finn had his 1st birthday, josh finn and i went to chicago for a 2-night stay. we got to see santa, go to the aquarium, do a little shopping, and visit the willis tower, which you probably know as the sears tower. we had such a great time- weather was good, finn didn't mind the shortened naps, i got to eat a lot of garrett's popcorn. perfect little weekend. i guess since chicago is so close, we just don't realize how awesome it is. we don't really need to travel far away to see an amazing shoreline, have awesome shopping, and get to visit some really neat museums. i think we're going again in the summer when walking a mile doesn't seem so ridiculous.

one note on the sears tower glass walk-out. it really was an amazing experience. while i was beyond terrified and shaking when i took the step out, it was such a neat way to see the city, not to mention get an awesome picture of me conquering my fears.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

no room in the stable.

forget the inn, mary. the stable's full, too. in finn's nativity, the animals are cold too, and they get first dibs on the shelter. and the lamb is in charge of watching over the whole thing and telling the magi and shepherds to come see jesus, not the sometimes missing angel. some day, finn will understand the birth of our savior. just not this year.

as i type this message, i just saw baby jesus fly across the living room. oh dear. praise the lord and have a very merry christmas. we love you!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

ho ho ho

finn had his first encounter with santa when we went to chicago with my family. if you have ever met my child, you know that he is generally happy and relaxed and just wanting to have a good time. if you have ever met santa, you know that he is generally the same plus a little bit of jolly. when their two worlds intersect, santa becomes sad and uninterested and finn becomes terrified. i'm just glad mrs. claus was having a good time and macy was content to just sit calmly for a photo.

my boy is one...

i can't believe a year has gone by in this sweet boy's life. it seems like yesterday i was angry at the world that i was awake in the middle of the night in pain and not making any progress. doesn't god know that i really love my sleep? why on earth would he give me a night delivery?

this past weekend, we had finn's birthday party at my parents' house. so many of our family members were there and it was just so much fun. i decided on a monkey party, because in about july, every store had monkey party supplies in surplus. come december however, there was nothing. had it not been for my determined mother and her monkey fabric finding skills, this monkey party would have been the worst monkey party in history (because people document these things, you know). the cake was amazing and it was so sweet to watch finn eat the icing off his baby cake. just the icing. boy is this child so much like his mother. loves sleep. loves sugar. loves shiny things that light up and make noise. he's a mini me with a boy part. and i'm so proud to call him mine.

Friday, December 11, 2009

he doesn't want to grow up.

on wednesday, finn had his last bottle. we ran out of formula and frozen pumped milk, so it was time. i thought he would transition in such an amazing way, but instead, he lets us know that he hates whole milk. hates it. he just wants nothing to do with being a big boy yet. we'll see if i crack and give him a bottle again. i'm trying to hold out.

my new christmas look

i am so glad the lady talked me out of going any shorter. i was thinking of going as short as this, but i'm happy with the resulted longer 'do. josh says it still looks like a mom haircut, but deal with it. i am a mom.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

my nerd

i talk in my sleep

josh always tells me about the weird conversations that we have late at night, when he finally comes to bed after i've been there a while. these conversations do not exist in my mind. i have absolutely no recollection of talking to him about any of the quite odd things that he claims come out of my mouth. two nights ago, he says that i asked him what i looked like when i slept. yesterday, he decided to document it by taken photographs of me after i had fallen asleep on the couch. now i understand where finn gets the crazy sleep habits with flips and turns all night long.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

sorry to inconvenience you

regardless of the designated brody blankets and brody beds that are set up around the house, he will always find places where he just barely fits and then give me a look that says, "aren't you going to move that?" oh the things that i do (and have done) for this dog. two days ago, brody decided that he wanted to eat finn's basket of plastic meats. finn desperately wanted us to purchase it from the dollar bins at target, so regretfully we brought it home. about 12 hours later, brody had chewed apart the basket and all the meats with the leg to the chicken missing. after 2 days of brody vomit/poop watch, we have determined most has either passed through his system or he just can just live with the thing stuck in his gut. whew.