Wednesday, December 30, 2009

how to find enough time to play video games

since april 2008, i have been very worried about what i have been putting into my body and how it may affect my fetus/newborn/nursing baby/health. besides the minimal quantities of vicodin i used during my shoulder problem, i have limited myself to tylenol and the occasional stool softener. no matter what drug i research, it seems there are those who say it is the only thing to use while nursing or it just might kill your child and you boobs would fall off just by looking at it. so, in order to not kill my child and not feel guilty about putting my own well-being in front of my child, i have just restricted myself to not taking anything. which leads us to last night...

i had the worst sinus pressure, headache, painful sore throat, cough, snot bubbling out of my face. i figured i didn't have to deal with the 'is it okay-is it not okay' debate, so i would just take whatever i deemed necessary. i popped 2 sudafed around 6:30 and a vicodin (a leftover) around 10:30. about 45 minutes later, i was totally out and enjoying the best sleep of my life. come 3am and i was completely wide awake. like i just drank a red bull and went to starbucks then got unexpectedly punched in the face awake. i laid there completely still for a half hour and was still completely wide awake. so i grabbed my ds, which is conveniently located on my nightstand and played professor layton's for 2 and 1/2 hour. i know this, because professor layton tells you the amount of time you have spent playing the game when you save it. how nice of him to tell me that i have now wasted 5 hours and 24 minutes trying to figure out a game meant for ages 10 and up.

next time i will remember that i become a crackhead insomniac after taking over-the-counter medication combined with strong pain relievers. at least after all this, my head is clearer and my headache is completely wiped away.


  1. I hear ya. After being on vicodin for 5 months, I have tried to take NOTHING but the occasional tylenol since. It's crazy how medicine can affect you. (And YES, my belly is huge!) :) 3 days!

  2. oh I love the ds. How it sucks you in! hahaa glad your sinus pressure is clear though!

  3. NOW i know why you were up at 3 am.. geesh, I hope that the gameboy that we got Brigham doesn't have that same affect on him.
    well, guess i won't be giving him vicodin before hand.
    glad your headache is gone.. lol