Monday, December 28, 2009

number 3 and 25

a few weekends ago, just after finn had his 1st birthday, josh finn and i went to chicago for a 2-night stay. we got to see santa, go to the aquarium, do a little shopping, and visit the willis tower, which you probably know as the sears tower. we had such a great time- weather was good, finn didn't mind the shortened naps, i got to eat a lot of garrett's popcorn. perfect little weekend. i guess since chicago is so close, we just don't realize how awesome it is. we don't really need to travel far away to see an amazing shoreline, have awesome shopping, and get to visit some really neat museums. i think we're going again in the summer when walking a mile doesn't seem so ridiculous.

one note on the sears tower glass walk-out. it really was an amazing experience. while i was beyond terrified and shaking when i took the step out, it was such a neat way to see the city, not to mention get an awesome picture of me conquering my fears.


  1. cool sweater! I love the picture of you standing in the glass. I want to do that someday!

  2. oh. MY. my palms are sweaty . I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. this IS scary! wowzers. glad you could overcome your fears =)