Monday, April 27, 2009

best buds

Add Imagebrody and finn are getting to like each other more and more every day. they are finally starting to play together. it has been a hard adjustment for brody, but as you can see, he is starting to share his space. brody is regularly told to get off the back of the couch, but today, i had to let him since finn just wanted to stand right next to him. here is the front and back shots of my boys.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

finn is 4 months!

can you believe it? he's so stinking old! these pictures with the signs are getting a little tough now, because he's realizing that the signs are edible and bendable! shucks. we'll keep trying.

busy buzzy bees...

this family-o-mine has been so busy over the last couple weekends. over the last weekend, we went to plymouth/warsaw/south bend for a little birthday celebration and van vactor family fun. all 3 of us were very tired of being in the car. yesterday, finn screamed the 3 minutes to and from starbucks, i think in fear that he was stuck in that car seat for good. happy birthday alyssa! thanks for all the exciting times you have brought to our family, as well as the cute little macy. i'm glad to have you as a sister (-in-law).

again, finn in wig. this time, josh v's mullet wig

josh v sliding down a pirate slide. we saw it on the side of the highway and had to stop.

finn is eating cereal. hooray! so cute.

miss macy in the morning. love the hair.

pictures from the zoo with alyssa, jeff, and macy.

april hail showers?

what the heck....seriously? it's supposed to be 80 by the end of the week, so i won't complain. but seriously?

Monday, April 13, 2009

happy easter!

i absolutely love easter and all the joy it brings. it was great getting to see everyone and we really enjoyed being able to visit every family over the weekend. it was busy, but i wouldn't trade it for anything.

the eden ladies in the kitchen

macy and i at grandma and popo's

somehow finn always gets dressed up. here is in my grandma's wig. i guess she never wears it.

all the van vactor kids after the hunt

at the mcdowells, the kids (and adults) decorated cookies.

finn in his new hat and shades.

finding new uses for butterfly nets with alyse.

if you know kathy and stan (josh's parents), hiding a pack of doritos along with the easter eggs doesn't seem that strange. :) yet, it still made me chuckle.

Friday, April 10, 2009

want my dog?

so my first child, brody, has been remarkably, increasingly and annoyingly jealous of this new little ball of cuteness that moved into our house 4 months ago. he (brody) has begun to pee on everything in home, wedge himself between josh and i or finn and i or josh and finn, ring the bell to go out and then bark to come back in repeatedly, howl or bark at random moments throughout day and night, jingle his collar at the exact moment finn's eyes close for a nap, and my personal favorite, come lick my face the exact moment my eyes close for a nap. ah, the joys of being a parent to both a human and a canine. if they sold resolve pet stain remover by the gallon, this lady would buy it.

out at lunch with baby finn.

finn with his friend, baby joey. he normally is very cordial and happy to see friends. today, baby joey was less than lucky.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

tax return!

remember getting those tax rebate checks last year? the free money? well, since finn was born in 2008, the government sent him $300 to help stimulate the economy. i asked him if he wanted to stimulate his college fund. instead, he said, "mommy, let's go to pb kids." and off we went. we bought him his big boy chair. apparently it made him feel grown up, because today he decided to roll over.

he also went to his friend luke's 2nd birthday, and received his first ever goodie bag! inside was this amazing backyardigans mask, which he just loves. thanks sara and jc...we had fun!

Friday, April 3, 2009

bath time.

finn loves his bath time. he absolutely hates getting out! he will stay in the water until every itty-bitty-bit of his body is pruney.

see...he's not too happy to be out!