Tuesday, April 21, 2009

busy buzzy bees...

this family-o-mine has been so busy over the last couple weekends. over the last weekend, we went to plymouth/warsaw/south bend for a little birthday celebration and van vactor family fun. all 3 of us were very tired of being in the car. yesterday, finn screamed the 3 minutes to and from starbucks, i think in fear that he was stuck in that car seat for good. happy birthday alyssa! thanks for all the exciting times you have brought to our family, as well as the cute little macy. i'm glad to have you as a sister (-in-law).

again, finn in wig. this time, josh v's mullet wig

josh v sliding down a pirate slide. we saw it on the side of the highway and had to stop.

finn is eating cereal. hooray! so cute.

miss macy in the morning. love the hair.

pictures from the zoo with alyssa, jeff, and macy.

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