Friday, April 10, 2009

want my dog?

so my first child, brody, has been remarkably, increasingly and annoyingly jealous of this new little ball of cuteness that moved into our house 4 months ago. he (brody) has begun to pee on everything in home, wedge himself between josh and i or finn and i or josh and finn, ring the bell to go out and then bark to come back in repeatedly, howl or bark at random moments throughout day and night, jingle his collar at the exact moment finn's eyes close for a nap, and my personal favorite, come lick my face the exact moment my eyes close for a nap. ah, the joys of being a parent to both a human and a canine. if they sold resolve pet stain remover by the gallon, this lady would buy it.

out at lunch with baby finn.

finn with his friend, baby joey. he normally is very cordial and happy to see friends. today, baby joey was less than lucky.

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  1. oh brody. do you need to come visit us and get away? Maybe your parents need a break too?! : ) J/k. Love the picture of you and finn. he's too cute!