Wednesday, March 23, 2011

first facial hair

it seems like every day is dress up day. last week, finn found a stick-on "mushmash" (mustache) and wouldn't take it off for the remainder of the day. i had to pull one of those stupid mom lines out and say "no, finn. we have to take it off because the mustache needs a nap too!" i'm always impressed by how dumb kids are when those lines work. i mean that in the nicest possible way. i guess i don't really mind it because i'm kind of a big fan of tom selleck, so the mushmash was reattached following nap.

in other news, i'm exhausted. huge lover of all things spring except daylight savings time. losing 1 hour of my life two weeks ago has unbelievably impacted me. i cannot wake up. what on earth is going on!? but what's great is that the windows are open right now. true, my kids may be a little chilled from the 53 degree temps, but i need fresh air. spending the last 11 weeks in our house for fear of sickness and dirty snow and the very good chance of two epic meltdowns at once has left me a little stir crazy. so we're bringing the outdoors in and occasionally getting our little booties out there as well. WELCOME SPRING! i've been longing for you!

Monday, March 14, 2011

i am in love

when i turned a year older

i'm 27. it happened last weekend, but i was too busy being pampered and celebrating to worry about announcing it on here. oh, and that two kids thing. they keep me from doing anything beyond potty training, changing diapers, feeding/nursing, or wiping spit up out of ada's neck creases. yum! anyway, it happened. i graduated into the beautiful age of 27, which feels ridiculously older than 26. i never thought 30 would bother me, but if 27 is hitting me this hard, i'm sure 30 will rock me to my core. there is at least one thing that just gets better with each passing year and that is my awesome, ever-expanding family. they pretty much rock!

Friday, March 4, 2011

i'm pooped.

we are now on day 3 of project potty training: part 2. after our last attempt and quick return to diapers, i felt defeated and was certain it would be years before we would have successful potty training. yet out of the blue on tuesday, finn decided it was time. he went potty on his frog pot and was ready for the big boy underwear. yikes! i felt so unprepared. i really wanted to read a book about all this or ask my friends what worked best for a little boy, but finn caught me off guard and we were in the trenches before i knew it.

so here we are. day 3. i am exhausted. we've had 4 accidents thus far. i say "we've" because i feel totally responsible for every single one of them. he'll be wiggling and dancing, yet say he doesn't have to go. and i believe him. come on katie, how dumb are you? i guess it's a good thing though, because those few pees down the leg have had a huge impact on him. our only hardship is that finn can hold it. for a long time. and he's not very good at letting it go. he'll be sitting on the potty chair, crying that he has to go but that it just doesn't work. so i read ANOTHER book about poop and run the faucet and success! we're not surrendering this time. oh no sir, my baby boy is all grown up!