Wednesday, March 23, 2011

first facial hair

it seems like every day is dress up day. last week, finn found a stick-on "mushmash" (mustache) and wouldn't take it off for the remainder of the day. i had to pull one of those stupid mom lines out and say "no, finn. we have to take it off because the mustache needs a nap too!" i'm always impressed by how dumb kids are when those lines work. i mean that in the nicest possible way. i guess i don't really mind it because i'm kind of a big fan of tom selleck, so the mushmash was reattached following nap.

in other news, i'm exhausted. huge lover of all things spring except daylight savings time. losing 1 hour of my life two weeks ago has unbelievably impacted me. i cannot wake up. what on earth is going on!? but what's great is that the windows are open right now. true, my kids may be a little chilled from the 53 degree temps, but i need fresh air. spending the last 11 weeks in our house for fear of sickness and dirty snow and the very good chance of two epic meltdowns at once has left me a little stir crazy. so we're bringing the outdoors in and occasionally getting our little booties out there as well. WELCOME SPRING! i've been longing for you!

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