Monday, January 4, 2010

ten steps forward, one step back

finn is really getting the hang of this walking thing. he wants to get down and try to walk all the time, which is both so amazing and really testing my patience. he is a little slow and falls all the time. yesterday at crate & barrel, he did one of those slow motion falls to the ground and bonked his head on the cement. with all the bruises and scratches to his cranium, please do not call child protective services on me. i promise we are being as careful as possible.

my new years resolution, as stupid as i think they are, is to get more organized. i want one of those houses that is just so organized that when something is out of place, i notice and put it in its rightful location. now, if my house is as clean as i want it to be, i am overly exhausted and josh comes home and notices something is weird. i want that weirdness to be our new normal. i want magazine spread clean. you know, those photos in the decorating (and parenting) magazines where the house is spotless and the people look so happy to be living a clean, amazing life. so. this past weekend, i started the process and packed away finn's old clothes, bottles, bibs, bitty blankies, pacifiers---which i'm not sure why, because that is just too gross to give a used paci to a 2nd child. well, just as i think my baby is growing into a big boy, he climbed into those bins, popped a paci in his mouth and has been dragging a bottle around for the last 20 minutes. i must finish each job that i start and actually pack those bins away. i guess that is resolution #2: finish what i start!

ooh...paci just fell to the ground, better snatch it while i can!


  1. so you want your house to look like mine huh? ha. ha.

    I will be right there along with you. I used to get comments all the time that my house looked like a magazin... well in the last year.. not so much. its ridiculous really. my NY res is also, to start what I finish. maybe we can motivate each other?
    finn is so cute. glad you got pics of that. and the bruises. nothing a little cover up can't work wonders.. that is if you don't mind your boy wearing make up!

  2. Finn looks so happy in this picture...his small memory realizes the joy that plastic thing gave him. I LOVE HIM!