Friday, January 15, 2010

lady gaga: take 1

in an effort to be young and aware of what is truly popular in our youth today, i went to the lady gaga concert with my little brother josh. we missed the first band who apparently was quite interesting, but luckily jason derulo was the second act. oh my goodness. never before in the history of my concert going days did i hope that i would not catch what the singer/band was throwing into the crowd. after trying to rip his awesome wife beater off to show off his moderately fit body, he threw the sweat drenched scrap of white cotton into the crowd mixed of screaming girls and utterly disgusted normal people. i was part of the latter group. then we took the small intermission as a time to take photos of our oh-so-excited selves as we nearly peed our pants in anticipation of lady gaga taking the stage.


she canceled. they said she was sick and couldn't take the stage and that we could come back in a week and half to see her. i feel a little let down. not only did she cancel, but i had spent two hours waiting for her to come, watched someone else perform that i would rather have not seen, and missed kissing my son before he went to bed. i just wanted to have a moment to go see a crazy performance of a crazy lady (seriously, she's wild) to get my mind off of the overwhelming demands of my life and of all the bad things that are going on in the world right now. i guess i'll have to wait a little while longer to have that moment of release.

as we were leaving, i felt the most sadness for the thousands of people who had really gotten themselves all gaga-ed up for the evening. i am not kidding you. the amount of sequence and fishnets and neon colors was overwhelming. all that work and no where to go. these people...must be especially depressed.

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  1. i especially like that the lady behind you is smiling in 1 out of 3 of your pictures! and I like the hint of shimmer I can see on your shirt =)