Monday, April 11, 2011


i'm a serious crafter now. i even purchased a hot glue gun the other day. that means i'm really serious. i made some cute prize carrots (martha stewart's idea of course), which i'm going to hide along with the easter eggs. twisted inside each one is a little trinket or toy. i let finn unravel one early, which was a terrible idea, because i now have to keep them hidden in a high space so that he can't grab another.


  1. so cute.. but um.. won't he wonder why the easter bunny gave him the same thing that mommy did?? 2 yr olds are SMART!! lol

  2. well, these are for a family easter egg hunt that he will know mommy and grandma put together! but i AM still figuring this stuff out though---i need to hide stuff a little better that the easter bunny is bringing. right now, it's out in the open! whoops!

  3. ohh love them! macy will be so excited!