Tuesday, May 26, 2009

summertime and the livin's easy.

finn and i spent memorial day weekend at my parents house! finn was enjoying every second of love and gushing that his uncle josh, grandpa, and mim gave him. we went out on the boat a couple times and went to my cousin andy's son's 5th birthday (i guess that makes treyce and finn 3rd cousins?). as always, it was great to see everyone, especially on such a fantastic and beautiful and sunny day! i can't wait for this rain to pass and joy to beam down from the sky.

thanks mim for all the cute clothes too! finn can't wait to wear his jean jacket...wear it or suck on it, i can't tell the difference.

josh's new hairdo! love it!

finn's new hairdo. or more like hair-don't! :)

mim and finn on the water.

grace eating a taco on the jungle gym!

finn enjoying the sun and the waves.


  1. I am sure you enjoyed your alone time with your family, but we missed seeing finn and you!

  2. wish you were there too. finn doesn't though...he loved all the attention.