Tuesday, May 15, 2012

number 6

 a couple weeks ago, i donated my hair.  i know on the list of 30 before 30, it says to donate to locks of love, but that just wasn't happening.  i had signed up to cut my hair with my mops group, so there was a specific date that everyone would do it together.  i kept growing it out and letting it go since september, assuming that i would have beautiful long and lush hair and that locks of love would say, "wow, we've never been given this much amazing hair.  you win!" (i really like to make everything a contest). instead, it wouldn't grow and i missed the ten inch mark.  luckily, one of the other girls found pantene beautiful lengths, which only requires 8 inches, so off my hair went to someone who might be blessed by a beautiful wig.  what do you think?
by the way, i loved the curls that day, but have yet to replicate it.  however, i don't even have to dry or straighten it now, so i do love that part of this hairstyle.  it appeals to my laziness.

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