Wednesday, June 3, 2009

cause you had a bad day...

imagine this scene. on an unordinarily cool june night at 9:15pm, a woman walks into the local applebee's with her 6-month-old son screaming from the carseat she is lugging behind her. wanting to sit at the bar and have a huge glass of wine, she instead opts to sit in the window to watch the stranded car she left in the middle of the intersection, police lights flickering behind it. suddenly, she hears daniel powter serenade her on the radio. "you had a bad day, the camera don't lie...."

now imagine my face on that woman, because that was me. so apparently the mcdowell family is having a stream of bad luck. yesterday, we took our jeep into the dealer to get it checked out. after calling today, they said sorry, but they never got to it. no big deal, right? wrong. on the way to bible study from dinner, the cadillac wouldn't start. after giving her (the car) a little break and relaxation, she finally started. then, post-bible study, mid-conversation about taking it in once we get the jeep back, josh declares, "oh no, the car stalled." in the middle of a busy intersection on the highway, i lept into the back, grabbed finn's carseat, and marched to the closest business...applebees. talk about white trash! oh yeah, and finn had no clothes on or blanket because he had just thrown up (literal vomit, not spit-up) all over his clothes and mine. fantastic night.

i finished the white trash applebees night by coming home, opening up a screw-top bottle of sangria, and drinking a nice size glass. goodnight!

finn doesn't look too sad, huh?

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  1. Ugh! That sounds awful! Glad you guys found a safe haven at Applebees :)