Monday, June 1, 2009

how to make another house our home...

so we have a new house (pending contracts, inspections, etc). it all happened so quickly. on friday, we received an offer, counter-offered, then they accepted. on saturday, we put in an offer on the new place and yesterday, they accepted. in 48 hours, our new plans were in motion. on june 26th, a mere 25 days away, we will leave this amazing little brown house with a red door and move on. it's bittersweet to think that we will be making tons of new memories in a house only 0.65 miles away from where we are now. we don't have any of our own pictures of the new place, but there are a few on here. it is a two-story, four bedroom, two and a half bath that we have plenty of room to grow into. our prayers seem to have been fully answered.

finn is worn out from even the thought of moving.


  1. love the new house! can't wait to see it with the mcdowell touch :)

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