Sunday, December 19, 2010

there's a few things you've missed

the last few weeks have been crazy and i feel like any free moment that i have is spent with me lying in bed sleeping or trying to sleep through contractions. that's right folks. contractions. all the time. it doesn't help when the doctor says, "you could go any day," because then any day feels like it could be the day. the one that i've been waiting for over 38 weeks for. but so far, the day has not arrived, so we keep filling the days with lots and lots of other things.

thanksgiving dinner

girls shopping weekend in schaumburg
(tenley was very excited!)

a purdue game with the allens
(with amazing free seats in the pit behind the team)

lots of fun moments and dinners out with finn

breakfast with santa
and both sets of grandparents

christmas show (we made it about 15 minutes
then went outside and played in the snow)

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