Friday, January 21, 2011

another 1st

we've been telling finn that when he turns three, he'll get to go to school. well, the brilliant little bugger that he is figured out that his cousin macy goes to school and she is only two, so off to "school" he went. a church nearby, like 2 minutes away nearby, has a mommy's time out program. i had heard good things and thought it would be a little like sunday school or the mommy group that i go to, with lots of fun things for the kids to do and with lots of little kids happily running around. finn would cheerily run into the room excited to dive in to the toys and crafts and fun.

it didn't go as i dreamt. finn was totally uninterested in going. we packed him up into the car and he just kept saying, "i want to go in my house" and "i don't go to school" and "i play with mommy and daddy." we walked him in and he cried as i signed him in. the room was a little depressing and there were only a couple other little girls there. two hours later, we went to pick him up and i'm pretty sure he is done with going to school for a little while. this morning i asked if he wanted to go back and he quickly replied with an "um.....i go to school when i three. i two."

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  1. ha. you should have seen the room before I added the underwater/fish theme.. which little by little they started taking the decos off the wall- not even sure how many things are still up! I am sorry he didn't enjoy it.. Tatum can hardly control herself when I tell her she gets to go to 'childcare". maybe try again later... you'll enjoy that break if you can get it.