Wednesday, October 26, 2011

my little constructioneer

i've been off of work for five days. five glorious days which have been spent mostly appeasing finn as he is sick. meanwhile, i'm sick, but neither child is doing much for me. selfish selfish children. regardless, finn and i have been having fun, and i'm trying as hard as i can to be actively playing with my kids for a good part of the day. that is said as i'm sitting on the computer and finn is coloring underneath my desk and i have my knees pulled up to my chest as finn requested that i give him more space to work. this apparently is a time that he wants less active participation by mom.

because of this illness, we have been inside a lot. i go crazy being inside a lot, especially knowing that winter is coming and i'll be stuck here even more. any excuse to get out of the house, even for two minutes is worth it. yesterday and today, men were working on our street fixing another portion that is crumbling apart, and the moment i heard the trucks coming, i clothed finn and we ran out to watch them. naturally, i told the construction workers that it was finn who heard them and begged me to take him outside. they let us check out the back hoe and finn was mesmerized. today, we watched them shovel asphalt into the hole and when i told finn it was time to come in, he simply said, "no, i'm going to stay out here with the constructioneers." my fears of an unfriendly child are resolved.

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