Saturday, October 1, 2011

1st day of school

i used to turn my nose up to those women. you know. the ones who cried when their kids went to school for the first time. why on earth would anyone cry? their children hadn't left them for good. it's just preschool. plus, that the point of parenthood and the nature of life. you have babies who grow up into toddlers and go to preschool and guess what? then they grow into older kids who go to elementary school!!! suck it up ladies, and deal with it! those women are crazy! am i right?

WRONG! sitting at finn's preschool parent orientation at the end of august brought a flood of emotions that i was not prepared to deal with. the teachers simply talking about how to drop off your child was enough to bring tears to my eyes. tears in my cynical, judging eyes. retribution for all those women who i made fun of. come first day of school, i sat in the parking lot for the entire time just making sure finn was okay. i couldn't bear to leave.

don't get me wrong, i see the positive side of this. i relish the time that finn is at school making friends and learning to be more independent. and for two and half hours, ada and i have a little girly one-on-one time, which is usually just spent with me picking up coffee and us giggling at each other and enjoying the silence. but then i look at her, and i remember that only two years ago, i was staring at my firstborn in the same way, while he was just learning to do the exact same things that she is. that firstborn is now in school. cue the waterworks and stop judging me.

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