Wednesday, January 18, 2012

first and third christmases

it's hard to believe that this was ada's first christmas. when it was finn's first christmas, he was just a squishy little thing that wanted nothing more than boob and mommy.
come to think of it, ada wanted nothing more than boob and mommy. so i guess there isn't that much of a difference between the two. ada hit that stage recently of wanting to hang on me at all times and never lead my side. it's adorable with the first child. not so adorable with the second. with the second, it's like, "okay, fine. just ride on my hip, while i whip you around and try to do everything that needs to get done with the restriction of only using one arm. let's do this thing." getting things done is possible, but slightly annoying. this desire to be attached at all times to her mommy was only compounded by the increased number of people and lack of naps that christmastime brings.

whining aside, it was an amazing christmas. the month of december was just an endless stream of birthday parties and christmas events and busyness and GO! GO! GO! but i wouldn't have it any other way. i prayed really hard that God wouldn't let me get in the way of having fun this season. every year, i schedule events for each weekend (and most weekdays) because i am immensely in love with our families and want to spend every possible moment with them. then i freak out because i'm overbooked and stress about the details. it's plain stupid.

however this year, i really felt an answer to prayer. in the midst of stressing out, i would say a little prayer and suddenly be reminded that things don't need to be perfect. that the moments we spend together are more important than food being prepared on time, the presents being perfectly wrapped, the presents costing an absurd amount, and the family being cohesively dressed. okay, that last one may have triggered a tiny meltdown, but i think i'm in the right here. if your entire family is wearing red, black, and white, would you pick a plaid orange and blue shirt? oh men! josh didn't understand that stress and why i cared so much about what he wore. regardless, i liked this christmas. i hope all others can live up to this year.

*note: i'll post on the birthday party as soon as i get photos from alyssa. apparently, when josh said he was going to be in charge of taking pictures, he meant four pictures. luckily, i have a snap happy sister-in-law who documents my life more than i do.

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  1. Thank you so much for these memories!!