Monday, January 23, 2012

progression of bravery into stupidity

ada is usually a cautious girl. she's terrified of the stairs. she doesn't like any sudden movements while you're holding her. she has a death grip against you while you carry her around. i can literally let go of her sometimes and her body is so tightly grasped against mine that she doesn't move and looks like a baby monkey. it's quite adorable.

her caution is perhaps a thing of the past. early last week, i walked in to see her doing this.

doesn't she look so devious? today, i just walked in to this.

i asked finn to watch her while i went to the bathroom. his response when i asked why he wasn't paying attention? "i was watching her. she's just trying to climb on top of josh's desk." then he went back to his cars. what a stinker!

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