Tuesday, February 17, 2009

lovely slobber

finn and i had a great afternoon around the house. he is really starting to have a personality all his own. talking, smiling, giggling, and making all sorts of silly noises. he has also realized how great his fingers taste and is slobbering more than ever. i never imagined in my wildest dreams that slobber from a baby's chin to the outfit i just put on would make me smile. alas, motherhood changes everything.

eating his fingers with proper english manners...with his pinky in the air.

finn's new bedding set. his room is almost done.

my little man and me.

lifting up that huge head of his.


  1. He's just soooo cute! I love these pictures of my boy in action. The pictures for his room are very cool.

  2. What a wonderful family

  3. I love his little slobbery face!!! What a cutie!