Tuesday, February 24, 2009

thanks grandpa!

finn got to spend the evening with his grandpa van last week when i went to 'ladies night out' with my mom and alyssa. i think he had a happy time based on these photos!

finn got his first pair of shoes yesterday too! hooray for cute little dragon robeez.


  1. okay so I totally didn't know you have been updating this site! ha! I just read the last few. cute robeez! Where did you get them? Cute graphics that Josh is making and Finn's room is turning out so cute! I can't wait tos ee him. the best of all is that he is finally slobbering all over the place. now I get to comment to you on Finn's slobber! : ) Can't wait to see him smile and giggle. Haven't gotten to see it yet! Love, macy alyssa and jeff

  2. oh the joy of ebay! instead of $35 for a silly pair of shoes, they were $6. hooray for good deals!