Friday, March 12, 2010

and then i was an adult

i don't know why this is, but the number 25 just seems so juvenile, naive, and annoying. yet 26. wow. it really kicks 25's ass. 26 is mature, confident, filled with certainty, knows where it's going. in other words, 26 is old and tired and has wrinkles around its eyes that weren't there a year ago.

i, my friends, am now 26. i never thought an age would make me feel any differently. i didn't understand women who got depressed over *gasp* 30! that being said, i am 26. i haven't hit many of the major markers that cause people concern and fear and apprehension and the need to lie about their age. i am definitely not depressed over my age, but i do feel different. older. i was lumped into the 25 and under category, but just got bumped up. i feel more grown up now than ever. i guess that makes sense. i am more grown up now than ever. and boy, do i feel it in my joints. okay, i'm sure you'll all tired of hearing me talk about how old i am.

i celebrated with wine and pedicures and shopping and some very lovely women and no babies. an entire weekend. so relaxing. minus the cleaning lady in the room directly above us who apparently likes to scrub the floors at 1:30. in. the. morning. the bed was too heavenly to complain too much. at least i was wide awake listening to the scratch scratch scratch at the same time as i was being engulfed in sheets and blankets that feel similar to being hugged by god himself. we could not drag ourselves out of it. in fact, saturday night was a planned 'sake and sushi' night and instead the four of us laid in bed watching pretty woman. saturday night. 4 grown women in 1 bed. it was the perfect birthday.


  1. you are so funny. i guess i have nothing to look forward to for at least a year... i'm turning 25 this year. 26 does just sound better.

  2. Oh what fun we had! Great pictures to document the Holland, MI weekend.

  3. I am still laughing so hard at you holding your foot. I love that picture! hahaa

  4. Happy Birthday! Katie! It looks like a great trip. That bed sounds amazing--thanks for documenting via the blog so I could enjoy too. :)

    PS-Its SO FUNNY that Finn is eating the dogs food--I better watch Maria!