Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the first harvest

we hadn't even finished weeding the most disgusting looking garden ever when we came upon the first produce of the season. that is right folks. the same garden that is eventually going to be all things amazing and grow enough produce that i will have to start selling it at the farmer's market is also a bunny making factory! and not just any bunny making factory. a very cute, sweet as can be, squeaking in adorable fashion, nestled in with all their siblings baby bunny making factory. siblings? yes. i think there are at least 5 of them in there. my mom and in laws watched me as i squealed with delight peering into their hole. notice my dad was not there. had he been, he definitely would have said something along the lines of, "i know how to fix that rabbit in the garden problem." followed by his maniacal, i-like-to-hunt-and-kill-animals laughter.

anyway, i don't know who is more excited, me or brody? that's who found them all. we were just getting ready to start tackling the overgrown everything when brody squeezed his nose into their nest and pulled one out. i immediately shrieked because i thought he was going to eat him right there, but he just dug back in for more. i guess he was just doing what he was bred to do. my dog is supposed to find holes and pull the animals out of said holes. which is why poor brody is currently tied to a post inside his fenced in backyard. poor dog, but i have to protect the babies!

seriously though, i was secretly wishing that the mom would not want her young anymore so i could start feeding them formula with a syringe. i googled it. it can be done. but alas, she stills cares for them. josh captured a shot of it just so i would hopefully stop harassing the baby bunnies. what was he thinking? i just went outside to check on them and take a couple more photos. thank you jesus. baby bunnies are wonderful things.


  1. just in time for Easter!! and so I am assuming they don't have the same "don't touch them or their nest or their mama will never come back" kinda thing like baby birds?
    that would really suck.. and you better make sure little B doesn't go back for more.. that would be soooo sad!

  2. ugh! i used to love them too until they started multiplying and now eat all my landscaping every winter and live under my deck! That first picture of the baby is very cute though!!