Sunday, April 4, 2010

first harvest...of another sort

we woke up this morning refreshed and rejoiced in the day that our Lord Jesus Christ was resurrected. the three of us went to church and worshiped together that He lives. the only thing that would have made this day any better is if we got to sing the old hymn 'He lives'. have you heard it? oh my goodness, my all time favorite. growing up methodist included many a sunday trying desperately to keep my eyes open by rereading the overly dull church bulletins. seriously, i knew every persons prayer requests, all the joys and concerns, and the names of every person participating in the service, all while having enough time to count the number of organ pipes. anyways, the point of all this is to tell you that if we got to sing, 'He lives,' i considered it a good church day. i'll sing the chorus for you if you need a refresher on how it goes. wish we would sing that at northview, but alas, our new church home is not quite the same atmosphere. okay, enough with the reminiscing. on to the irony of our easter sunday.

we came home and hid some eggs around the yard for finn to search out. our version of hiding included throwing them on the ground in plain view because even then he couldn't spot them. then finn remembered there were baby bunnies in the garden, so we carefully poked around the hole with a stick until we could see them. two of them jumped out, which caused brody on his stake to go into convulsions. if you have read this, you know that brody has been tied to a stake in the ground since last weekend. a few minutes of tormenting the baby bunnies aside, i grabbed the camera to go inside and unhooked brody from the stake. you know where this is going and should not continue reading if you have a weak stomach. i nearly puked on my brand new keyboard just recounting what happened. maybe that is because the images are seared into my brain.
seconds later, he was at the hole and grabbed one of the baby bunnies by its head and ran. the others scurried away as fast as possible. i let out a murderous scream heard round the neighborhood and nearly fainted right there. josh shouted 'what were you thinking?', which was so incredibly productive and supportive of his wife's broken heart. finn cried, probably since he thought i was dying based on my scream. chasing brody around for about 15 minutes only gave him more time to shake the poor, sweet baby bunny until he was no more and soften the lifeless, adorable baby bunny body in his murderous mouth. by the time we got ahold of him to pry the precious thing from his mouth, the baby bunny head and a leg popped out of his cheek falling in slow motion to the ground and the rest of the body glided down his gullet. my dog swallowed nearly an entire bunny whole.

praise Jesus this easter. thank you for bearing my sins at the cross so that i may live in communion with you eternally. thank you for baby bunnies. give me the strength to forgive the murderer living in my midst. please help me to erase the image of the baby bunny head falling to the ground from my mind. amen. oh, and thank you for this crazy man. i love him more than words can say.


  1. such adorable pictures! i love your little man's tie! so darn cute!

  2. oh.... I think I liked your less dramatic facebook depiction better! great looking pictures you all.. and I am so glad another church goer grew up counting organ pipes.. and for some reason I thought each Sunday the number would change.. lol
    I actually don't know that song. at least I can't think up the tune right now!

  3. What a cute little that a junior size tie? Where's his Dad's tie? Love you all! Sorry about that bunny thing...

  4. i love the little tie! I had a bow tie for my little guy...there is something about dressing little boys up as if they were big never fails to rate high on the cute scale!

  5. I love your fence! And finn's long hair! : )