Monday, April 12, 2010

mullet hackin' time

after hearing "wow, finn's hair is long" and "look at that crazy hair" far too many times but never hearing "i like his hairstyle" or "that kid's a trend-setter", i knew it was time. with a sniffle and a tear, i placed my baby boy into the annoyingly cute red sports car salon chair and allowed the woman to cut away his beautiful golden mullet. while he didn't mind a bit (in case you wondering, he's staring at a tv), i couldn't stop giggling and hot flashing as my emotions were teeter tottering between being proud and being nauseatingly sick that my son was becoming a man before my very eyes. i know i know, i'm getting a little carried away. but it starts with his first haircut, leads into going to preschool, wanting to sleep over at friends houses, then soon enough, he's knocked up his wife and doesn't need me. today was a big step in letting my baby go. he's a boy now. a real boy.

introducing the new and improved finn


  1. What a sweetheart! He is so cute. I'm glad he didn't fuss and carry on. He's a manly man now.

  2. I totally dug the mullet, but he looks super cute with his big boy haircut too!

  3. The first side picture of his long hair is so funny! it looks so much longer there! I love his new hair cut, he looks ready for summer! He's so sweet! Macy keeps asking when she and finn can jump in the jumpy house.