Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my newest addiction

yesterday, i got a hand-delivered package from the trendy owl. it was my very first purchase from etsy, which was followed immediately by my second purchase. i think i'm a little worried about where this may lead. if you haven't been on, it's an amazing site that allows people to buy and sell handmade items. well, anyways, i bought a couple clips that can be put on a headband or just clipped onto whatever. they are pretty fantastic. best part, it came in a cute little box that was wrapped in cute little paper. i wish i would've taken a picture of it all wrapped up, but i quickly ripped into it in the car ride home. i just couldn't wait. oh etsy, you'll bankrupt me for sure.


  1. ohhhhhh. I love that purple one. and I am happy to have seen the first one in person today =)

    and just so you know.. I just hit "buy" for two more of hers and a cute little necklaces, as I was buying T's invitations!!
    um.. yeah. we should start an etsy support group!

  2. oh my my my... those are GORGEOUS! i too, have fallen for etsy. my wallet and my hubby are not pleased.

  3. Yea, I am SO glad you like them. That teal one looks amazing in your hair! One of these days we must meet, since we live so close and all:-)