Wednesday, April 7, 2010


i said it in the first post that i was probably going to become overwhelmingly obsessed with these baby bunnies. it's true. i cannot stop thinking about them. last night, i couldn't sleep because i kept thinking about the bunnies and if they were safe and if their mom every came to care for them and what if i ruined bunnydom forever. no more bunnies? i couldn't live with myself. since i made the last post (yes, this is the 3rd baby bunny post), brody has eaten another baby bunny. his third. it is disgusting.

one he just jostled around for a few minutes and then he dropped it. the next he swallowed whole. this morning, i came home from my workout to josh chasing brody around the yard with a stick. seriously, what was the purpose of the stick. i sort of chuckled to myself because in that instant, josh thought picking up a stick and waving it around was going to make brody sit and drop the bunny. still laughing now. but not about the bunny massacre. just about josh. naturally, brody swallowed this one whole as well, this time with head still attached. ugh. seriously, just the thought of sweet bunnies bouncing around in his belly makes my stomach hurt a little. i'm hoping that these little snacks aren't going to get lodged into his lower intestines like other items have in the past and require a scalpel to retrieve.

well, josh and i have had enough. i can't face the emotional turmoil of brody's murderous streak. we looked all over the backyard for new holes, but apparently needn't look further than along the fence. there was a huddling of 3 little ones sleeping out in the open. no wonder brody got the last one so quickly and easily. it couldn't even defend itself as it was in the midst of dreaming, probably of frolicking through fields of flowers and cadbury cream eggs. we swept up the remaining live ones, stuck them in a box, and now they are happily living 10 minutes from the place where their family members were ruthlessly attacked. rest in peace to the dead. may there be cadbury cream eggs in bunny heaven. to the living. stay away if you know what's good for you.i'm hoping this is my last baby bunny post. it's the end of the era. really. i'm sad for it to end, but we just cannot coexist peacefully.


  1. i hope that is the last of the bunny murders!!! so sad!!! thank goodness you saved those 3 lil' balls of bunny presh!

  2. and with those 3 you saved... 3,000 are going to be able to live! =)

  3. So where are you housing your new additions?