Sunday, March 21, 2010

a sudden relapse

i have recently become moderately obsessed with watching hgtv. who am i kidding? i am a straight up seeking-it-out, dvring-every-show, staying-up-way-too-late-watching, starting-to-buy-remodeling-magazines, dreaming-of-candice-olson addict. i went through self administered rehab after we first moved into the house. i was spending 6 hours a day watching every design show i could find and planning on spending thousands of dollars more than we had, so i felt like i needed to get on the road to recovery. i cut my drug cold turkey. while that may work for some, it definitely does not work for me. the second i was tempted, in the form of the new show sarah's house, i knew i was relapsing and i don't care!

the problem is that on these home renovating shows, they have a budget of $30,000....for the front of the house. no joke. sarah (we're on a first name basis) spent 35 grand on staining her brick and adding a couple bushes to the yard. it was gorgeous, don't get me wrong and i wished it was my own house, but my budget is a little over $48 so you can see how this addiction is depressing. there are so many neat little (and big) things i want to change in this house. i have actually become a fan of just going to menards and lowe's to wander around and imagine. hgtv has created a monster. but i can't help myself, i just keep going back for more.

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  1. I have been there.. the thing was I was completely addicted to anything except CANDACE OLSON.. seriously, just the slight sound of her voice sent A into an outrage!! the thing was my obsession was during our apt/townhouse days when we couldn't do anything.. and since we got the house, I don't really watch anything except house hunters..hmmmm wonder if there is a correlation?
    ps. I'll walk thru Lowes any day w/ you!