Sunday, May 23, 2010

get in the hole

i cringed when i typed the title. i hate hate hate it when tiger woods is on the tee on a par 5 and right after his swing, multiple jackasses yell 'get in the hole'. if i were him, i would probably turn around and tell them to shush it. can you imagine tiger woods yelling 'shush it!!!!'? it'd make my day.

i haven't been golfing in probably 3 years. i can't believe it's been that long. it was such a big part of my life in high school, but i'm realizing that i sound like a huge loser when i say that because high school was 8 years ago. gross. how did that happen? regardless, i miss golfing. more specifically, i miss golfing with my dad and brothers. if we were bored any spring/summer/fall day/evening, we would just grab our clubs, jump in the cart, and start right in the middle of the 2nd fairway and play a few holes. i want that again. maybe someday, i'll leave this god forsaken house behind and move to live on a golf course. that will be the day that josh's blood pressure will shoot through the roof, because he'll finally have to face how much he sucks at golfing. love you babe.

sucking and all, josh and i went to the driving range last night. we took finn, which made for some awesomeness! it took the focus out of me a little wondering if i was going to smack finn directly in the face with the end of my 4-iron, but we still had fun. josh bought the jumbo basket of balls, so we had a few to spare and let finn work his magic. after getting over the fact that there were so many 'big big big big balls' (finn says this on a daily basis), he got to work and hit a few. with his one handed swing. but it was still so cute. i think we have a little tiger woods in the making. one of course that doesn't cheat on his wife and claim sex addiction. fun times.

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  1. These pictures are precious! Can't wait to see this little guy again. AND YOU TOO!