Tuesday, May 4, 2010

out in the wilderness

our friend andrew told us about geocaching and whoop, we love it. that's right. WHOOP!

the thing about geocaching that i love so much is that you never know if there is a cache right near where you are and you just don't know about it. it's like a secret society. we didn't have a clue about it until we were told to check it out. see, you go to the website and search your area. it gives you the gps coordinates of all the caches, which are water-tight canisters with a logbook and sometimes some fancy trinkets to claim. then, you take your gps device (or in our case, josh's geocache application on the iphone) and go search it out. a couple weekends back, josh and i went out to search for a few in the plymouth area and found 7. some were in the woods, another was in an old cemetery, and one was in the parking lot at lowe's. who knew! it helped me see areas of plymouth i would have never gone to.

my mom and dad went out with us for a few of them and really got into it. it was so pretty precious. i so wish i would have videotaped it, because in the midst of the first hunt, my dad was all about galloping (okay, just walking briskly) to the location and finding it before anyone else. a 50-something man so excited to be on a modern-day treasure hunt. at the end of the day, my dad was like, 'yeah, i guess that was okay.' oh dad, too proud to say how awesome geocaching is. so awesome. you should try it.


  1. It's a blast! Please remember that Dad tried to drive into the woods to the spot and skip the hike!! Thanks for taking us. It was a glorious, beautiful day.

  2. I have heard of this and thought it would be fun to do with the kids...I'm thinking this summer would be the perfect time to try it:-) Thanks for reminding me!