Wednesday, June 9, 2010

be prepared to be terrified

i'm not sure how else to say this, but i think my child has a connection to ghosts. ghosts in the form of cats. how scary is that? this all started with what i think is a pet cemetery in the backyard. the previous owners (i feel like i always say that in a derogatory fashion) had not just one, but many many many cats based on the smell of the house when we first moved in. can you tell just one cat is too many for me? sorry cat lovers. then, there was this creepy little area in the backyard. a little half circle lined with bricks with nothing growing in it. just a mound of dirt. a mound of dirt which i assume is covering up the dead bodies of their previous fifteen cats.

well. i think they still live here. in the spirit i mean. i have sort of wondered when brody runs upstairs quickly and barks in the corners of rooms at seemingly nothing. yes, i believe my dog too is clairvoyant. but my fears were realized when finn started saying, "meow!" first thing every morning for the last week. yesterday, i finally asked him, "where is the kitty?" and he pointed immediately to the corner of the room and shouted "MEOW!" with his toothy grin. then he traced a path across the room until the ghost kitty got to the door, at which point he said, "meow out!" that's finn talk for open the door. shivers just shot up my spine just remembering it. i'm terrified of a dead house cat. seriously. terrified. should i have someone come bless my house and sprinkle holy water in finn's room to keep the ghost cats out?

oh. and do not google ghost cats then hit the images button at the top of the screen. my fears were just enhanced by the overwhelming amount of crazy people that believe that this is possible and have taken pictures of ghost cats. also, do not google "can babies see ghosts?" because, ooooh boy. there are tons more crazy people that believe that too.


  1. Katy Beth-Are you kidding? Ghost kitties are the best!! No smell, no cat food sitting around, and no cat poop. Let Finn have his pets :) Just for fun, I'd dig up the area inside the stone circle to see if you really have some poor cat's final resting place.

  2. OH! That sounds like you should be on a TLC episode! Perhaps you should put garlic (?) around the house....does that scare ghosts or vampires? Eek! I hope both!