Wednesday, June 16, 2010

it's a beautiful day

oh sweet bliss. i woke up today certain that it was going to be amazing and so far it has proved to be that way. minus, of course, the poop that brody left us on the floor overnight. but other than that, amazing. finn and i walked to the park to meet josh for a picnic lunch. a picnic lunch that i packed, with sandwiches that i made and fruit that i chopped up and vegetables that gave us all the nutrients we needed. i was so impressed with my picnic making skills. i felt like a good wife and mother. toot! toot! on my own tiny little horn.

finn enjoyed the entire ride over there in his big boy wagon. i'm not sure at what point this happened, but i have a kid. a kid that i don't fear will fall headfirst into the concrete while riding his little red wagon. the first couple times, i made josh walk right along side finn for fear he may try to throw himself out. oh, but the joy on that little boys face the first couple times. he was just so happy to get to experience something new and different from his stroller. he beamed the entire time.

now, however, he gives me this.

he's too cool to even sit up or smile or look around or anything. he just lounged the entire way there. on the way back home, the sun kept getting in his poor little eyes, to which he would scream, "EYES! EYES! MOMMYYYYYY!" i put my sunglasses on him and he nearly fell asleep. oh to be a kid again. would someone please pull me around so i can take a nap?


  1. and this is why I didn't see your jeep at the park! I love that he has pillow in the wagon!! We got a radio flyer wagon for Brig's first bday.. he has maybe ridden in it once or twice. It serves very well as a storage unit for all of our play crap in the garage! maybe Beck will get a turn this summer!! sorry we missed you today! glad you had fun!

  2. what a sweet rendition of your day.... hard to believe that Finn is more and more the kid. Oh the changes just a few months can bring.

  3. You are a great wife and mother! You prove that everyday. Finn is having such a wonderful childhood.