Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the buble party

last night, my mom and i saw this stunning man perform. stunning in the average and every man sort of way. stunning none-the-less. while the average age in our car was 41, i wager that the mean age at the concert was more along the lines of 64.5. what a shocker! i had expected mostly college-aged girls in short skirts, boobie tops, and ugg boots prancing around hoping to get backstage. instead, there were more over-middle-aged couples there than at the early bird special at mcl cafeteria. conservative people with no sense of excitement and adventure, chocked full of fear of public dancing and of showing any emotion. the cougar in front of me, clad in leopard print no less, touched up her mascara and eye-liner instead of enjoying the opening act. oh, and the group of v.i.p.'s in the suite behind us stood up only between michael saying goodbye and the encore, i think because they thought it was finally time to go. poor rich people forced to see michael buble sing to them. their lives are rough! okay, enough about all the old people. back to the buble.

the concert was simply fantastic. he is just one of those people that was blessed with far too much raw talent. i would venture to say that he is the most talented person i've ever witnessed doing anything. his shows aren't these elaborate productions of lights, choreography, and wardrobe changes. he simply sings and does little else for two hours while thousands of people gawk at him. my husband though has ruined all types of concerts for me forever. instead of simply enjoying the joy that is buble, i was awestruck with the lcd screens that were moving across the back stage. they were crisp, they were clear, they were probably quite expensive. oh yeah, i paid a hundred bucks to watch that guy sing instead of wonder how they suspended the panels. again, back to the buble.

the buble was great. i highly recommend anyone getting him to play at your wedding and inviting me. or i guess you could just see him in concert for yourself. he's the frank sinatra of our generation with a little twist of crazy and weird thrown in. plus, you get to hang out with a very different crowd of people that you're probably normally use too. the buble's concerts are quite the cocktail of interest.

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  1. Thanks for taking me! Or should I say, thanks Josh for having a free lance job on that night! It was a great evening. He sings like an angel (with a warped sense of humor)