Monday, July 12, 2010

2's update

baby bump is right on track according to the doctor. the crazy happy doctor who talked for twenty minutes straight at a rate faster than my sister-in-law alyssa after a tall starbucks cinnamon dolce latte. i mean, seriously, this doctor was unloading all of her wisdom on me. at one point, i said, "yeah, i remember all of this from the first time around." she paused for about 3 seconds, then continued on at rapid fire pace. i just nodded and said "yes" every few seconds and she seemed content to continue on with the information. but speed-talking doctor has a butt-load of knowledge and experience and was overwhelmingly excited to talk about all things baby and pelvis and vaginal birth and upcoming ultrasounds, so she is now officially my ob. she'll fit the bill and grab the baby as it hops out. yes, i'm hoping for the baby to literally hop out of my vagina, instead of getting stuck in a sub-horizontal position like finn. it will happen. i have faith. and so does doctor m. at least i think that's what she was saying. my mind was too busy wandering to the huge decision of whether to get a mcdonald's sweet tea or a sonic real fruit slushie on my way home.

the real update: the heart beat is identical to finn's at 148. and she's confident that it is a single baby and not a litter. oh, and i've already gained 15 pounds. i looked ridiculously cute today though in spite of the weight. i make an extra effort to look cute on days that i go to the ob, because there is something about going in and making sure the doctors and nurses know i've got my stuff together. i really don't want whispering behind my back "she's having another baby...just look how she looks with one." so yeah, i looked pretty fantastic and the new nugget is growing exponentially.

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  1. UMMMMMM. EXCUSE ME???????? a baby bump?????/ ALL THis post about ANOTHER bambino????? apparently you forgot to tell me something? or is the big announcement?

    at any rate, congratulations!!!