Wednesday, July 21, 2010

it's not always giggles and kisses

i have been having such a fun time with finn in the last couple weeks, my sweet little man that is growing into such an independent little person that makes me laugh and feel loved and want to nuzzle into his neck-folds all day long. i took him on a mother son date on saturday night and went to the bookstore and shared a bowl of soup at panera. he was being so sweet and telling funny stories that i could not understand a single word of. i only know they were funny because he would finish his punchline, then throw his head back in laughter. if i wasn't laughing, he'd give me a look like, "mom, you just don't get it", a look i'm preparing myself to see in about 14 years on a frequent basis. after dinner, we headed to the fountain and tossed in the 13 pennies finn had been proudly carrying around in his pocket. then, it was time to head home as the storms were looming. oh snap, do not even think of stopping finn's fun. the entire trip home, he shouted, "NOT NICE" and "BAD MOMMY" as he attempted to breathe from the all out tear-fest. the joys of motherhood are great.

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  1. I'll give him a roll of pennies. I hate seeing that sad face...and no, you aren't a bad mommy!