Thursday, July 29, 2010

this sucks!

i've been gone from this blog for a while. for good reason though. i hate pregnancy and don't know what else to talk about. i'm already 20 pounds up, my back hurts, i get headaches every day, my vagina feels like it is already opening for a baby to drop out, i just look fat not pregnant, and i'm sweaty and shiny all the time. boo. what part of this is fun? i thought God cursed eve by making labor painful, not the entire pregnancy.

good news. i am living through this and at the end a baby awaits. i'm hoping that i start to feel less obese and more pregnant. i started working out more. by more, i mean once a week, but it is progress. i'm also somewhat focused on eating better. i think my diet of crap and mcdonalds and lard has probably helped the process of weight gain, so fruits and veggies, here i come.

i'm done whining. i love you all and i'll post cute pictures of finn soon, so you won't be so depressed by my sad sad life that i am projecting here.

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  1. ok, so considering what I just read on the third line of this post, I am not at all imbarrassed or ashamed about telling you about that salty snack this evening.

    go buy a moo moo and then you will realize that you are indeed NOT the size of a house and that the cuteness that is buldging in your belly is just a little bean.
    and I am sure if it gets too bad, you can just get one of those motorized cards.. witha basket so Finn can tag along =)