Sunday, November 21, 2010

33 weeks

after a few crazy strangers told me this mystery-sex baby was definitely a girl, i was beginning to believe that there was no way this child could possibly be a boy. if you hadn't heard, there was a woman at the pharmacy who stood behind me to pat my love handles (never getting close to my belly) and was then very certain that it was a girl i was carrying. and she never gets these things wrong. never ever. then there was the lady at the park who wouldn't take the "maybe you're right" response i gave her and huffed off as if i truly offended her gender guessing skills.

but alas! i have finally found a crazy stranger who thinks that it is definitely a boy. she came up and proudly proclaimed within seconds that i was in fact carrying a boy. when i told her that i'd had a lot of girl predictions, she simply stated, "it's a boy. you don't got no booty." apparently, you have to have a little caboose to harbor the female gender. sorry tall skinny ladies of the world, we're strictly here to make boys. glad to get that lesson before i got my hopes up. and i have to trust this crazy stranger over all the rest, because didn't you know? she is never wrong.

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