Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i'm hormonal and it's the holidays

there have been a few moments in the last couple days where i'm pretty sure people have run away fearing for their lives. by people, i mean my husband, my son, and anyone in the general vicinity when i suddenly realize that i'm only 7- weeks away from delivering a child. a person. another person. you want to know why i thought this was a good idea 8 months ago? because finn was easy and sweet and calm then. you want to know why i'm panicking a little now? because finn is not so easy and is still generally sweet and calm is not even a word i would pick 1,483rd to describe him. in fact, i would say that finn is the antonym to calm.

but here we are. 7 weeks from d-day. or less, depending on what the ultrasound says of the size of this child. judging from the fact that i sometimes lose my breath climbing stairs or picking up finn or god forbid just standing up, or the fact i feel full after eating a saltine and a slice of cheese (don't worry, the fullness doesn't stop me), i would say this baby nugget is big!

really though, i can't wait. but i also i want to be able to enjoy every last moment of finn being an only child. i want to relax over the holiday season and have a no-stress thanksgiving and christmas with all my amazing family members and friends. i am so looking forward to finn turning two and celebrating all gabba gabba-ed out. i am excited to wrap presents and give presents. it's one of my most favorite things of the year. i'm so happy that my family actually likes my cooking enough to request that i bring a particular dish. i cannot wait for the christmas music to blare throughout this house and lift my spirits and remind me that my Christ was born into this world.

i'm trying to remember these upcoming good things and what i can't wait for instead of stressing about the lack of time and the sickness invading our home and the fact that i can't sleep for 3 hours straight without waking up with leg cramps and an inability to breathe and needing to pee. i'm trying to remember that any stress that i have these next 7 weeks will lead up to the amazing experience of becoming a mom for a second time. i'm trying to remember that i have an awesome network of people who care and are going to take as much stress off me as they can (thanks kathy for the hired help for the yardwork and watching finn when i just need a break. thanks mom and alyssa for listening to me rant about how there is never enough time in the day). i'm trying to get into the holiday spirit. with a little help of course from pumpkin spice lattes and kenny g.


  1. awwwwww. 7 weeks.. and the holidays will take up 3 of that! yikes!! I love kenny G Christmas music!! and there will be doubly never enough time in the day very soon my friend. but it is very worth it! you're lucky to have people that are willing to and love to help you.

  2. oh enjoy those 7 weeks even if its crazy with finn. you will never get that time back and finn won't be your 'baby' anymore. its hard to imagine now, but he'll seem so big and grown up and you'll have a new little one to snuggle. enjoy preparing for christmas and remember to take breaks every so often to just 'enjoy'. you look great and you'll be a great mom!