Monday, November 15, 2010

long overdue update

one night about two months ago, september 21st to be specific, finn told us that he was done with his crib and wanted to sleep in the big boy bed. and that. was. that. ever since, he has been sleeping well and staying in his bed/room all night long without any sadness or insecurity. okay, maybe i should scratch the part about sadness. he will sit and cry himself to sleep, but (and this is a very important but) he won't ever leave his bed. fantastic! i was expecting an all-out war, where we had to tie him down and put a lock on his door from the outside, but nope. this kid is just too easy when it comes to two things, eating and sleeping. hope baby number 2 takes after his/her big brother!


  1. Such a cute room...I wouldn't want to leave it either :)

  2. good job Finn! I will tell you that Luke did the same was like he thought he was in jail. He never left...until one day. Now he knows that he can leave and he tries it all the time. Hopefully Finn won't realize that doors open anytime soon!