Saturday, February 12, 2011

from caveman chic to major geek

i think i just have bad luck with getting haircuts. no matter what i say to the hairdresser, my hair never turns out exactly as i had envisioned. perhaps it is the fact that they never quite understand what i want. perhaps it is my lack of acceptance that my stringy thin hair will never look lush and thick and gorgeous like those people in the magazines. perhaps it is my inability to understand that those people probably don't roll out bed or spend 3.5 minutes on a "good hair day" to make it look that way. regardless, i feel pretty unlucky in the hair department.

apparently, this luck has fallen on my poor son as well. his last haircut was in october, so it was long overdue. emphasis on long. very long. i asked the woman to take a little off, but to leave it long on top. a little surfer-esque, since we live in the surfing capital of the world and all. well, thing is, he is inherited the same thickness of my hair, and surfer-esque doesn't really work well with thin hair. insert a little temper tantrum that led to him sitting sideways on the chair and a some clipper action to take "a little off the back" and BAM! most of his hair was on the ground. like my mother said upon seeing his after photo, it will grow back.



  1. wow! he looks like a completely different child! His face looks very thin now too! he's still cute finn though.

  2. Hey_at least he has a smile now! We still love Finnbone...